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Grinding & MachiningThrough parent company Composidie Inc., we are staffed and equipped to handle large die programs, spare part orders, specific production machining opportunities and miscellaneous tooling.

Composidie has multiple precision machining and grinding capabilities spead across its various divisions. Our Journeymen toolmakers and grinders average 20 years of experience.


▪ Aluminum ▪ Magnesium
▪ Carbide ▪ Precious Metal Alloys
▪ Ceramics ▪ Stainless Steel
▪ Titanium ▪ Compact Powder Metals
▪ Inconel ▪ Tool Steel


The Composidie family of companies maintains a wide variety of capable equipment ready to meet your needs:

135 Surface Grinders 30 Wire EDM Machines
 10 Jig Grinders  6 Conventional EDM Machines
  5 Visual Contour Grinders  4 Wasino CNC Surface Grinders
  4 VCNC EDM Sinkers  1 Extrude Hone Die Polishing Machine
  1 Water Jet  

The Right Tools for the Job

Our water jet cuts down lead time, cutting materials up to four inches thick using a 60,000-psu pump. A CNC milling job that might otherwise take hours takes the water jet only minutes.

Accuracy & Tolerance Capabilities

Precision accuracy up to +/- 0.00001" (0.00025 mm) using quality grinders and machining equipment.

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