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  Clean-Room Finishing  

Leading Technologies offers several finishing options, each performed in a clean-room environment:

Leading Tech Parts
▪ Taping
  ▣ Apply Kapton tape for positioning,   stabilizing, or masking purposes
▪ Forming
  ▣ Perform oil-free forming
▪ Singulation
  ▣ Singulate or strip cut plated products for
  packaging in an oil-free environment
▪ Assembly
  ▣ Assemble leadframes to heatsinks utilizing
  a high-speed, automated process
▪ Packaging
  ▣ Singulate and package in clean-room
  conditions per customer requirements

Through parent company Composidie Inc., we can assemble combinations of purchased parts and parts manufactured in-house to produce an assembled product.

Assembly Line Capabilities

▪ Laser Etching
  ▣ Part Mark/Identity
  ▣ Oil Grooves
▪ Packaging
  ▣ Heat Sink Attachment
  ▣ Bagging & Labeling
▪ Low-Volume Manual Assembly
▪ Semi-Automated Assembly
▪ High-Volume Fully Automated Assembly
▪ In-Die Assembly Includes
  ▣ Silver Wire Contact Insertion
  ▣ Feeding & Installation of Precious
  Metal Contacts
  ▣ Wire-to-Pin Bandolier Strip
  ▣ In-Die Tapping

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