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  Engineering Dies  

Three-Plate DieWe offer full-service, in-house engineering solutions in cooperation with Composide Inc.

The Composidie advantage includes:

▪ In-House Stamping
  ▣ Allows for Constant
  Performance Feedback
  ▣ Leads to Any and All Needed
  Improvements of Die Design
▪ Carbide and High-Speed Steel
  Cutting and Forming Components
▪ Capability of Building Steel Tools
▪ Flexibility to Design to Customer Standards
▪ Assistance With Part Development


Auto Cad and Visionael allow us to design in and work with all common file formats.


▪ High Speed, Progressive Stamping & Forming Dies
▪ High Speed Bandolier Dies ▪ Assembly Dies
▪ Compound Dies ▪ Prototype Dies
▪ Singulation Tools ▪ Selective Plating Tools

Advanced Techniques

Composidie has the ability and experience to utilize state-of-the-art techniques in in-die monitoring, computerized feedback and tracking and in-line post-stamping processing.

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